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January is "National Radon Awareness Month"

Prepared by Becca Willey, Radon Xpress, Inc.

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January greets us with a fresh start.  The opportunity to focus on your family’s health, wellness, and safety for the coming year.  January is also “National Radon Awareness Month” While some people choose to eat healthy, hit the gym, or quit a bad habit…what often goes overlooked is a common danger already lurking in your home.

Radon gas is a clear, odorless gas that emanates up through the foundation and into your home.  It is the cause of roughly 21,000 cancer related deaths a year and is the number two cause of lung cancer, behind smoking, per the EPA.  To put that into a harsh perspective, Radon kills more people a year then drunk driving.  Shockingly, the IEMA accepted limit of 4.0 has the same harmful effects as smoking 10 cigarettes a day. IEMA is the Illinois Emergency Management Association. They are the entity who regulate and handle all licenses for Radon Mitigation and Radon Testing in the state of Illinois.

The EPA has also stated that roughly 41% of all homes in Illinois have elevated radon levels. That is almost a 1 in 2 chance your home needs to be mitigated. And while Radon is a health hazard, it also has a simple solution. 

One thing we encourage our REALTOR® and other industry partners to pass onto their buyers and sellers, is that radon levels should never be a deal killer because they can be mitigated.  Depending on the different foundation types, the age of the home, and the precise levels of radon present, a custom designed radon mitigation system can be installed to keep the deal on track to the closing table.

2021 continued to throw many people in this country curve balls. Being tied to the Real Estate industry, and being deemed “Essential”, we are thankful to RPAC and industry leaders, for keeping Real Estate moving, and even thriving. As RPAC Major Investors and President Circle participants, we at Radon Xpress know the value of homeowner’s rights, and the fundamental right of every person is to feel safe and secure in their home.  As you and your clients spend more time then ever these days in your home, we encourage you to get it tested for radon.  Let’s start 2022 on a proactive foot!

Radon Xpress Inc. is a Veteran owned and operated radon mitigation company.  Becca Willey, is very active at TRAR, having been the Affiliate Chair, in the association’s first ever Leadership Development Program, and Board of Directors Affiliate Liaison. Becca is the current YPN and RPAC Chairs as well as Affiliate Vice Chair. We strive to get radon levels as low as we possibly can, while keeping it affordable for everyone.  Every home owner has the right to a safe and healthy home.  At Radon Xpress Inc. we believe knowledge is power and educating yourself on the dangers of radon should be at the forefront of your family’s New Year’s Resolution.


Scott Seaton of SLS Home Inspections

From the SLS Home Inspections "Files of Hard to Believe"

 Prepared by Scott Seaton, SLS Home Inspections

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See if you can guess which one of these things are fake.

1.      Buyer shows up to the inspection wearing bright blue, yellow, red, orange and purple fingernail polish.

2.      Buyer has a woman's diamond engagement ring on his ring finger.

3.      A friend of the buyer shows in the middle of the inspection and proceeds to pull a box of cards and dice and a clear plastic tube with 2 felt placemats out of his coat. The 2 of them play a game of Magic the Gathering on the kitchen island countertop.

4.      The sewer line drains just fine and no water starts bubbling up into the basement through the floor drain. All ductwork is in great shape with no remnants of friable asbestos. The main beam is just fine, no one has chain sawed it nearly all the way through. The chimney brick is not falling off the chimney into the front yard.

Did you figure it out?  1,2 and 3 are all 100% true. Only #4 is fake. The sewer was backing up, the ductwork had crumbling asbestos all over it, the main beam was cut almost all the way in half and the chimney was missing bricks laying in the front yard. 

Good guessing. Just when you think you've seen everything.

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