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Your Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® membership gives you access to a wide array of benefits, business tools, real estate market data, educational opportunities and discount programs which are either free or fee-based designed to help you succeed in today's market.  By joining Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®, you also become a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Illinois REALTORS®. 

Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® offers the following classes of membership: Designated REALTOR®, REALTOR®,  Appraiser and Affiliate.  All appropriate applications are given for your use.   

Designated REALTOR®

Each firm must designate in writing one Designated REALTOR® who will be responsible for all of the duties and obligations of licensees associated with the Designated REALTOR®, including the obligation to arbitrate disputes pursuant to Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and the payment of Association dues as established in the Bylaws.  The Designated REALTOR must be a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or branch office manager acting on behalf of the firm's principal(s) and must meet all other qualifications for REALTOR® membership as established in Article V, Section 2, of the Bylaws.  Click below for the application to become a Designated REALTOR®.



A REALTOR® is an individual who, as sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or branch office manager is actively engaged in the real estate profession including buying, selling, exchanging, renting or leasing, managing, appraising for others for compensation, counseling, building, developing or subdividing real estate and who maintains and is associated with an established real estate office in the State of Illinois or a contiguous state.  All persons who are partners in a partnership, or all officers in a corporation who are actively engaged in the real estate profession within the state or a contiguous state shall quality for REALTOR® membership only, and each is required to hold REALTOR® membership individually in an Association of REALTORS® within the state or contiguous state unless otherwise qualified for Institute Affiliate Membership as described in the bylaws.  In the case of a firm, partnership or corporation whose business activity is substantially all commercial, only those principals actively engaged in the real estate business within the jurisdiction of the Association in which one of the firm's principles holds REALTOR® membership shall be required to hold REALTOR® membership in the Association unless otherwise qualified for Institute Affiliate Membership as stated in the bylaws.  Click below for the application to become a REALTOR®.




 Affiliate members are individuals who hold a professional designation awarded by an Institute, Society, or Council affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS® that addresses a specialty area other than residential brokerage or individuals who otherwise hold a class of membership in such Institute, Society or Council that confers the right to hold office.  Any such individual, if otherwise eligible, may elect to hold REALTOR® membership, subject to payment of applicable dues for such members.  Click below for the application to become an affiliate with Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® .



 Want to sign up as an Appraiser?  Click below for the application to become an appraiser affiliate member of Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®.