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News from our Affiliates Committee...December 2018

Lisa Wlodarski

Important winter home maintenance tips for you and your clients

Prepared by Lisa Wlodarski, Beans Home Inspections 

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Hello Realtors.

Winter is here! Bad weather and freezing temperatures can have adverse effects on a home. The best way to prevent future problems is to stay proactive. Here’s a list of winter maintenance tips to prepare your clients’ biggest investment for the cold weather ahead:

Roofs and Drainage Systems

Check to see if any shingles are loose or damaged. Always look at how flashings are sealed near venting and pipe stacks which are areas vulnerable for leaks. Keep gutters and downspouts clear to prevent ice buildup.


Look for any voids in the exterior finishes and seal them to prevent moisture and vermin from entering. Check doors and windows for drafts and use weather strip or caulk where needed to ensure a proper seal from the elements. Cover all exterior hose bibs to prevent freezing.


Furnaces need to be maintained to extend life span, increase efficiency and to save money. Furnaces should be professionally cleaned and evaluated once a year and furnace filters must be changed regularly. 

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

People love their fireplaces and the warmth they provide all winter long. Fireplaces can be dangerous if not properly maintained. The flue and chimney should be thoroughly inspected by a professional once a year and also keep any combustible materials away from the hearth.

Smoke and CO Detectors

This is in our opinion the most important thing.  This is your first line of defense in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. Detectors must be located on every floor and within 12 to 15 feet of a sleeping area. Test detectors monthly to make sure they are working properly. 


At Beans Home Inspections, the health and safety of clients is top priority. Please share these winter maintenance tips with your family, buyers and sellers.