News from our Affiliates Committee...June 2018

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How can home staging services benefit the real estate professional?

Prepared by Boise Walker, owner of Ezio Design Solutions 

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Boise Walker is the owner of Ezio Design Solutions (a home staging and interior design company) and she is providing insight into the home staging business…

What is home staging? 

  • It’s the process of visually transforming a home for sale in the real estate marketplace.
  • The goal of staging is to make a house appealing to the highest number of prospective buyers, potentially selling a property quickly with a return on investment.
  • Staging a house can make rooms appear larger, brighter, more open and functional.
  • Home stagers are keen on accentuating decorative features within a house (i.e. fireplaces, hardwood floors, built-in cabinetry, etc…)
  • Virtual staging (the art of altering photos to reveal decorative enhancements) can also bring a vacant property to life with digitally enhanced décor options.
  • Staging recommendations can include paint updates, furniture arrangements, decluttering, lighting upgrades, deep cleaning tips, etc…

Benefits for the real estate professional!

  • Home stagers can work directly with the homeowner to ensure recommended updates have been implemented (removing tasks off the realtors plate)
  • Creating opportunities for multiple interested buyers; which can result in bidding wars that increase the sale price (and yes, staged houses open up the opportunity for multiple interested buyers).
  • Stagers help with the online presentation and create picture ready properties’
  • Home staging recommendations highlight the best features of the home therefore appealing to the target audience (who are motivated buyers).

Winning Formula.....

Staging + Appropriate listing price + Marketing/Advertising =  BEATING THE COMPETITION!

Ezio Design Solutions offers home staging services in your area and is here to help you get your next property picture ready and sold quickly.  Call Boise Walker for more information.