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News from our Affiliates Committee...August 2020

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Presented by Tom Ballarad of Fresh Air Experts  

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All the Right Stuff

In light of all of the uncertainty in the world today, one thing is for sure.  We are going to be sanitizing everything in sight and more!  And, it ain’t gonna be easy.  Due to our open exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses both inside and out, it’s going to be a major battle for keeping us germ free.  One of the biggest issues that no one is taking into consideration is how to counter the mere fact that we all have such different immune systems.  One person may be hyper allergic to say penicillin and someone else may not.  Trying to separate penicillin from the herd and eradicate it for one person may be consequential to someone else’s health whose body needs it as a defense to their immunity.

Needless to say, there are a lot of moving parts and many cooks in the kitchen.  So, find someone you trust to ask questions and power through the madness.  Taking that into consideration, there are many products available on the shelf for "sanitizing" and "disinfecting" and a lot of misinformation to go along with it.  Many major manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to get in on the panic and provide inferior products that work on odors and not germs and bacteria.  They hide the smell but have done more harm than good by creating more air born bacteria. 

For example, bleach has been getting the royal treatment as the savior for destroying bacteria, germs, viruses and allergans.  Putting it into perspective, bleach is like the 'duct tape" for sanitizing…the answer to cleaning the air.  Bottom-line…bleach was originally created as a stain remover to make our whites whiter.  When you think about it, how safe is it to spray it onto areas that have food, humans or pets, your furniture, things that you touch like doorknobs, desktops, the fridge door? 

Read the labels.  There are products available that are EPA approved, hospital grade and food safe.  The most important element to look at is the antimicrobials kill log and what is the product’s kill claim.  99.9% is what virtually all sanitizers brag about.  But the real deal are products that have more "9"'s, like 99.999%.   Why get to the end zone and be stopped, take it in and do the dance.  Be certain that your family, workspace and where you're entertaining has less bacteria, viruses and germs hanging out, reproducing and getting back into your blood stream. 

It's a battle that we are all going to have to fight.  From Chicago to the Himalayas, bacteria, germs and viruses are the enemy and there is no need to use inferior weapons when going up against them. 


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Presented by Jeff Folk of Virtuance Real Estate Photogrphy

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